Lomography LC-A Anniversary Editions

Lomography Turns 30 with New LC-A, LC-A+, and LC-Wide Anniversary Editions + More!

This month, Lomography turned 30. To celebrate, the experimental company known for breaking the ‘norm’ is releasing anniversary editions of three of their beloved cameras. The Lomo LC-A+, LC-Wide, and LC-A 120 cameras will be adorned with handcrafted leather skins and metal emblems exhibiting the celebratory design.

The anniversary editions of the Lomo LC-A+ (35mm), LC-Wide (35mm), and LC-A (120) will be available in very limited quantities retailing at £299, £399, and £449 respectively.

lc-a + 30 year anniversary edition
Image courtesy of Lomography – LC-A+
lc-a wide anniversary edition
Image courtesy of Lomography – LC-Wide

Both the LC-A+ and LC-Wide use 35mm film. The LC-A+ comes with a standard 32mm F2.8 lens while the LC-Wide opens the world up to 17mm F4.5.

Aside from this difference, they have many of the same features: Shutter speeds range from Bulb (B) to 1/500 and ISO can be set from 100 to 1600. Other features include a flash hotshoe, multiple exposure mode, tripod mount, and cable release. Both cameras take 3 LR44 batteries.

Shop the LC-A+ here and LC-A Wide here.

lc-a 120 30 year anniversary edition
Image courtesy of Lomography – LC-A 120

The LC-A 120 is a medium format camera with a 38mm F4.5 lens. The rest of the features are the same as the 35mm versions, including the flash hotshoe, multiple exposure mode, tripod mount, and cable release. This camera also takes 3 LR44 batteries.

Shop the LC-A 120 here.

Additional 30-year Anniversary Fun

In the next year, Lomography is not only releasing a limited run of these specially designed cameras, they will also be hosting more exciting events and releasing additional new products as part of the festivities.

First up is a new survey “30 Reasons For Analogue” asking the analogue community to share why they still use film. Take the survey at this link here to share your love of film!

30-year anniversary pin for Lomography
Image courtesy of Lomography

For the pin, magnet, or sticker collectors out there, Lomography is also making the same metal emblem design that shines proudly on the cameras available for your fridge, backpacks, jackets, laptops, notebooks, or wherever else you place these small but powerful reminders of a company that kept film alive throughout the dawn of the digital era.

Lomography anniversary design logo
Image courtesy of Lomography

Lomography transformed into an influential movement in the analogue world but started with a group of students that found an old Lomo LC-A in a modest camera shop in Prague on their travels. They brought the camera back to where they lived in Vienna, developed the film, and fell in love with the results. Shortly after, the company was founded and the creative photographic revolution began. (source: Lomography Press Release)

From Lomography’s Press Release:

Over the past 30 years, the unmistakable photographs bursting with life, deep saturation, punchy contrast and shadowy vignettes have become the signature Lomography aesthetic and today the Lomo LC-A family cameras are beloved snap-shooting legends across the globe.

Head over to the Lomography website to check out the anniversary LC-A editions and more 30-year celebration fun here!

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6 thoughts on “Lomography Turns 30 with New LC-A, LC-A+, and LC-Wide Anniversary Editions + More!”

      1. The shutters fail. I’ve had two that did that, then gave up on them. And both only had maybe 10-15 rolls through them.
        Camera clicks, seems like you got a pic, blank film… And the battery ok light came on every time.
        These cameras also have frame spacing issues, but that I could live with.

        A real shame as the LC-120 can make gorgeous saturated pics


  1. I recently bought the excellent Lomo LC-Wide, used off ebay. Great camera but it was missing the replaceable film gate frames that allow you to shoot in 1/2 frame, square or full frame. Not a huge deal but I still wanted all the pieces so I could use it as a half frame camera if needed.
    These pieces are not sold separately, and I couldn’t find any anywhere so I contacted lomography customer service. Frankly I didn’t hold out much hope, but the nice gentleman (Adam) took down my details and said he would see what he could do. Today, about three weeks later I got a little package in the mail from lomography with the frames, no charge.

    Awesome customer service – thank you Adam and lomography!

      1. The half frame frame! Can get 72 exp per roll, make diptychs etc

        I was really impressed that Adam at Lomography went through the effort to track them down for me.

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