Author name: Alex Kreisman

Je Suis Le Mal Aimé! – The One No One Likes

Je suis le mal aimé is a French classic song and roughly translated means: the one no one likes! For this article I’m going to talk about three of my passions. I’ve spend a bit of time trying to find non-technical articles about these but failed to find something that grabbed my interest. This became the idea for an article to share with you, and I hope it inspires you to try them out for yourselves!

Help! I like Dirty Pictures! – By Alex Kreisman

Yes I do! But maybe not in the way you might think! A couple of years ago, I had the chance to post an essay on one of my visits to an extermination camp in these very pages. I reviewed the article today and am blessed to find new comments that are heartwarming. I thank all of the people who actually took the time the post a comment. Thank you guys!

A Heavy Visit – An Acount of Shooting an Emotive Subject – By Alex Kreisman

And the story goes like this …A foggy Saturday morning of November we arrived by car. Not too late, not too early. As soon as arrived we were to be separated into groups and put in line in order to pass Security. I have to say that they were not the most comprehensive security I’ve seen, forcing you to empty all your pockets (including jackets).Anyway, security: check!Let’s move forward.

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