Cyanotype Music Video “Wounded Angel” – By Paulina Blažytė

Sometimes we spin so fast, that all that is left of us is a motion that can not be caught.

We, as part of an efficient society, do so much and naturally it has to be productive, effective, useful – both in our jobs and sometimes even in our private lifes. In these big cities of ours, where others are also spinning as successfully as we are, leaving after them nothing but a vortex made out of blurry colours and shapes. That is why it is so refreshing to see something done not for the sake of a time-efficient, comfortable and profitable result, but because it is done out of inspiration and creative thirst, when the process is approached as a slow and full immersion. This kind of an example we see in the second-in-the-world cyanotype music video “Wounded Angel” for the creation of which three artists united – musician godo yorke, french photographer Dan Hermouet and filmmaker Kotryna Daraškevičiūtė. Inspired, in fact, by the first Cyanotype music video by Edd Carr, which was also featured here on 35mmc.