Author name: DeeDee Yelverton

My interest in photography began when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I was fascinated with photography as a way to capture and preserve a feeling and a moment forever - to me it was the closest thing we had to time travel. I still feel the same way about it.

Pentax IQZoom EZY camera

5 Frames with a Pentax IQ Zoom EZY and Lomography 400 Color Film – By Dee Dee Yelverton

I found this Pentax IQ Zoom EZY camera while doing some spring cleaning recently. Fortunately, I had stored it without a battery, and it looked clean (almost like new), and waiting for me to take it out for a spin. I suspect I picked this up quite a while ago when these sort of point and shoot film cameras were as cheap as chips, to borrow one of my favorite expressions from friends “across the pond.” A recent check on the large auction site shows that you can still get one of these for relatively little, but more than my bag of chips price from a few years ago.

White Slim Angel 35mm film point and shoot plastic camera with roll of Fuji film

5 Frames with a White Slim Angel – Then and Now – By DeeDee Yelverton

I’m not sure how or when I first discovered the plastic White Slim Angel camera – but I think it was around 2009 or 2010. For those not familiar with this gem, it is a plastic point and shoot film camera, with a wide angle lens of 22mm, fixed at f/11 and 1/125. I didn’t learn until reading a post on 35mmc that the The White Slim Angel is essentially the resurrected / cloned version of the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim.

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