Author name: Don Goodman-Wilson

Although a full-time IT professional, I’ve been an avid photographer for over 25 years. I shoot street and travel, still-life fine art, and the occasional portrait. I got my start with the venerable Pentax MX, and quickly discovered my love for both rangefinders and flea markets when I picked up a used Contax II cheap at a yard sale. Nowadays I use vintage and modern lenses on my Fujifilm X-Pro3, and have started looking for ways to transform my hobby into a viable business.

Crown + Flint: Improve your analog photography skills, get perfect exposure on every shot, and track your film from loading to development.

Crown + Flint: The digital companion for analog photography

So, I made an app. I made it because I needed it. And I’m hoping you’ll find it helpful too. (Spoiler: it runs on both iPhone and Android! Don’t be put off by the iPhone pictures.) Look, analog photography requires, in addition to artistic vision, a technical mastery of a wide range of equipment and …

Crown + Flint: The digital companion for analog photography Read More

The RB67 is a really massive camera, just absolutely far too large for street photography. And yet…

5 frames with Shanghai GP3 100 in a Mamiya RB67

When on vacation, one of my favorite activities is hitting the second hand markets for good deals on used camera gear. And, if you’ve never been, Namdaemun Market in Seoul does not disappoint. Home to several dozen used camera dealers ranging from large, well-appointed stores to tiny counters buried in the basement of packed market halls, the dealers in Namdaemun have nearly anything you could want at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Canister of PHC-50 with a Pentax ME Super

5 Frames with BCG PHC-50 (aka ORWO Tf12d) – By Don Goodman-Wilson

I’m fascinated by the idea of using unusual film stock to achieve a specific look. While shopping around online for Kodak Ektar 100, I stumbled upon a small, funky camera store in Nijmegen (Netherlands) that, in addition to the Ektar I was looking for, markets its own brand of film under the “Brownie Camera Guy” (BCG) mark. They have two lines, P-400 which is a fast panchromatic film, and PHC-50, a high contrast, super-panchromatic film. Both are evidently hand-rolled from ORWO stock. While I can’t determine what stock the P-400 is rolled from, the PHC-50 is pretty clearly ORWO Tf12d technical film for audio recording. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist trying something so weird out. (Note: I have no affiliation with this store, except as a happy customer.)

Fuji X-Pro3 with Kyoei W.Acall 35mm f/3.5 lens mounted

Kyoei W.Acall 35mm LTM (on Fujifilm X-Pro3) Review – A Delightful Daily Walkaround Lens on APS-C – By Don Goodman-Wilson

I’m a street photographer with a preference for manual-focus 50mm-equivalent lenses. I got my start with a Zeiss Contax rangefinder (w/ 50mm Sonnar f/1.5) and Pentax MX SLR (w/ 50mm SMC Pentax-M f/1.7), and loved the compact size, minimal feature set, and high degree of manual control both of these cameras offered me. Today I …

Kyoei W.Acall 35mm LTM (on Fujifilm X-Pro3) Review – A Delightful Daily Walkaround Lens on APS-C – By Don Goodman-Wilson Read More

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