Author name: Scott Gitlin

My interests are photography and humor. My "career" was in inventory control and computer programming but now I am retired. My motto is, "You could live . . . if they would let you." "They" being all the external issues and personalities that affect us all.

Zero 2000 - front view

Zero 2000 Pinhole Camera, a Camel and an Elephant – By Scott Gitlin

One day back in 2011, I was walking along the shore at Rockaway Beach, New York, capturing scenes with a Fuji S3 Pro digital camera. I noticed an area of beach sand with about a 45 cm drop-off due to tidal erosion.

As a close-up capture, this picture reminded me of a desert landscape. All sense of scale was lost. I began thinking, “What could I add to a scene like this?” For some reason a toy camel came to mind. But how to be not so obvious that it is just a toy camel on beach sand? Well, why not use a pinhole camera – just the thing – I happened to have a Zero 2000 “atmosphere generator.”

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