Author name: Fotografika

5 frames with a Nikon FG & Fujifilm Pro 400H – By Ivan Mendez

Recently I had the opportunity to work as a still photographer in a movie that was being shot on the island. With it being a long time since doing this type of assignment and it being in very short notice I just ran home and packed all my gear in two bags.

As a still photographer, for the sake of the motion picture, I couldn’t photograph anything during the shooting of the scenes, so I decided to shoot portraits of the crew for my amusement between scenes.

5 Frames With Mamiya C220: A Love and Loss Story – By Ivan Mendez

My love story with the Mamiya C Series started in the early 90s when I casually bumped into one while visiting my friend Hansel. The strange apparatus belonged to his father, Mr. Onorato, and it really caught my attention. I politely asked his father to let me play with it, and he kindly agreed. I’d never seen anything like it. The viewfinder was so large and bright, the image moved left when you panned right, and it used two lenses instead of one. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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