5 frames with...

5 frames with a Nikon FG & Fujifilm Pro 400H – By Ivan Mendez

May 13, 2020

Recently I had the opportunity to work as a still photographer in a movie that was being shot on the island. With it being a long time since doing this type of assignment and it being in very short notice I just ran home and packed all my gear in two bags.

As a still photographer, for the sake of the motion picture, I couldn’t photograph anything during the shooting of the scenes, so I decided to shoot portraits of the crew for my amusement between scenes.

The weapon of choice was my old but trusted Nikon FG with Fujifilm Pro 400H. Being in a mixed lighting condition the choice of the film was critical, so I go for a fast and flexible emulsion.

In this series of portraits I mainly use two focal lens a Nikon 50mm 1.8 E series and a Nikkor 135mm 3.5

The experience was very rewarding and I’m very proud of of the results

Iván A Mendez (FoToGrAfIkA)

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    Thomas Sheppard
    May 15, 2020 at 9:03 am

    Those are really cool shots.
    Your camera, film and lenses the served you well, and the results are very pleasing.
    There is so much spontaneity in these images.
    I love them

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