Frank H. Wu has been taking photos since making a Quaker Oats pinhole camera at the age of five, in 1972, growing up in Detroit. His formal training was a single course in darkroom technique at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, now defunct. He currently uses primarily a Contax G2, in San Francisco and elsewhere. His writing has appeared in the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and regularly for five years at Huffington Post; he also contributes to Film Inquiry.

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2 October, 2018

My Dead Dogs Came Back – By Frank H. Wu

By frankhwu

My dead dogs have come back to me thanks to photography. I recently found a roll of film I shot circa 1998 but did not develop. Buster and Ding Ding, two mutts, were the exclusi...

12 July, 2018

The Photos Not Taken – by Frank H. Wu

By frankhwu

“Please move along,” the man said. I had wanted to photograph the door he opened, of the brownstone on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, along a quiet residential street on an a...