Giulio Antonutto

Giulio is a London-based street photographer who employs a flash as his preferred equipment. He specializes in capturing the enchanting essence of London's nightlife through his adept use of black and white photography, frequently employing multi exposures for dramatic effect. His initial foray into photography was a project titled "Paul, Tailor of Fitzrovia," which was developed after a workshop with renowned photographer Bruce Gilden in 2012. Although Bruce offered constructive criticism ("these pictures are F* terrible") that proved challenging for Giulio, he has since rebounded and continues to hone his craft with unbridled passion and dedication.

Giulio Antonutto's Posts

21 June, 2023

Fitzrovia’s Last Remaining Bespoke Tailor

By Giulio Antonutto

Fitzrovia, a small neighbourhood nestled in the heart of London, has been my home for a number of years. As someone hailing from a small town, I have found that living in Fitzro...