Ian Whitney

Mostly analog, mostly black and white. There’s more to read over at https://photos.ianwhitney.com and I have more photos on Flickr. I suggest this album, since that’s where I keep the photos I really like. You can also follow me on Mastadon at @[email protected].

Ian Whitney's Posts

2 February, 2024

F-Stop Printing in the Darkroom

By Ian Whitney

Although I scan all my negatives so that I can share photos online, I prefer to make prints in the darkroom. I find it to be an engaging technical craft that provides endless th...

20 June, 2023

5 Frames with a Moskva 5

By Ian Whitney

After using my Voigtlander Bessa 66 a bunch, I was excited to try more 120 folding cameras. I had my eyes on a Zeiss Super Ikonta, but when I spotted a Moskva 5 -- complete with...