The Meaning in the Making – Mini Book Review

I read quite a lot. Always have, at least since I’ve been able to. I do not say this to brag, just stating a fact. I find reading good books to be one of the best ever pastimes. It’s not only about analyzing Plato’s texts for me though. Currently I am half-way through Stephen King’s “Hearts in Atlantis”, so I’m happy as long as the book is worth reading ie. educating, entertaining, or both.

My experience with books has taught me not to waste time with poor literature, of which there is in heaps and mounds. When I do not like a book, I promptly toss it, and spend my time better elsewhere.

The subject of this posting is definitely not one of those books to be skipped. The tome in question is “The Meaning in the Making: The Why and How Behind Our Human Need to Create” by Sean Tucker, first published in 2021.

Mr. Tucker is based in the UK, forty-something photographer, film maker, YouTuber and now also an author. I first learned about his work, when I found some of his YouTube videos about photography.

This book is not about photography, or rather not solely about it. Photography is first, very briefly, even mentioned on page 7. Those looking for info about chromatic aberrations or lens characteristics, will have to look elsewhere.

In his book Mr. Tucker ponders, as the title implies, what drives us to create, why some compose photographs, paint pictures or shape lumps of clay. I find him rather a good writer, his text flows effortlessly and I even dare to say, that he has a certain style of his own. He also delves into philosophical depths somewhat, but nothing too difficult to understand for those not so philosophically inclined (myself included!). Taking and making photographs is, of course, a creative process, so I believe this book may be of interest for members of 35mmc.

It obviously goes without saying, that Mr. Tucker has not bribed me in any way to recommend his work to our community. That said, you can find more info here

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