Koroll S in shiny aluminium

5 Frames with a Bencini Koroll S and KosmoFoto 100 – By Jeff Hicks

Many, many years ago, I shot film. I think I had a Zenit EM. There is a photo of me with it around my neck, but it’s too grainy to definitively see the make. After that camera was in stolen the mid eighties I never bought a replacement.

In the early noughties my late step-father left me his Nikon D100 and my passion for photography was reignited. Since then I have progressed to a D200, D700 and now the D850. I had forgotten about film, and all that process of waiting for weeks to get photos back from TruPrint and then wondering where the hell the photos were taken.

That was until last year when I was furloughed for a few months and bought the dream camera from my childhood, an Olympus OM1. Since then I’ve made up for lost time and bought quite a few 35mm and 120 cameras…