Author name: Matt Evans

Professional tea drinker. Photographer. Dad. Peanut butter addict. Based in Wellington, New Zealand.

5 frames with a Canon Sure Shot Classic 120 – by Matt Evans

I was recently kindly gifted the Canon Sure Shot Classic 120 by someone who was no longer shooting film. It was in great condition and even came with a carry pouch, but after being stored in a cupboard for a while all the black rubber had decided to do that thing where it tries to turn itself back into its base elements and becomes the stickiest thing known to man. After a good 10mins of scrubbing with isopropyl the rubber was just like new again. I have to admit I like the styling on this camera it’s definitely better than a lot of those horrible champagne coloured 90s point and shoots. It feels quite robust too, and doesn’t feel too heavy. I was able to leave this in my bag or jacket pocket and not be constantly reminded it was there.

(Mis)adventures with a Minolta Himatic 7s – By Matt Evans

I had been trawling the online market places and managed to snag a Minolta Hi-matic 7s on trademe (the NZ version of ebay). It was advertised as being in excellent condition with everything working as it should and clear glass, Sounds great I thought! so I chucked a bid on in the dying minutes to win the auction. After a few days of anticipation and excitement it finally arrived encased like a giant egg in about 3m of bubble wrap,  it even came with a musty smelling leather case – no chance of being damaged in transit. Or so I thought. After unwrapping it was immediately obvious there was damage to the lens:

5 frames with a Smena Symbol – by Matt Evans

I can’t remember when or how I came to own my Smena Symbol, mostly because I’ve got two young kids and can barely remember what I had for dinner yesterday but at a guess I’d say I’ve had it for almost a decade. It’s one of those cameras thats always been there, not really screaming at me to use it but never failing when I do.

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