Author name: Matthias Steck

Matthias is an amateur photographer from Munich, Germany, always struggling to find some time for (mostly) nature photography besides job and family. Likes using manual vintage lenses, especially Minolta and Zeiss C/Y lenses as well adapted on mirrorless digital cameras as on film with the Minolta SRT-101, X700 and XD-7 and the Yashica FR-1.

5 Macro Frames on Film with the Minolta MC Macro Rokkor 3.5/100mm – By Matthias Steck

The idea of trying to take macro shots on film came to me, when I was watching older illustrated books with all kinds of nature photography. I’m deeply impressed by what the nature image photographers in the 1970ies to 1990ies were able to take with the equipment of their era. I would never be able to do such wildlife photography with my analog equipment.

But trying some plant macros seemed possible.

5 (10) Frames Discovering Silbersalz35 250D with a Minolta SLR – By Matthias Steck

Early last year I ordered a set of four cartridges of Silbersalz35 250D film. Silbersalz35 is a small German film manufacturer that uses Kodak Vision3 motion picture film stocks for still photography. Silbersalz35 processes these film stocks in ECN2-process. As I was to eventually discover, they also have a cinematic look that they grade into the images, though I didn’t realise this when I initially ordered the film.

5 Frames in hoarfrost wonderland with the Minolta XD-7 & Kodak Portra 160 – By Matthias Steck

I‘m a hobby photographer from Munich, Bavaria (Germany), trying to find some time for (mostly) nature and landscape photography besides family and job.I‘ve always used Minolta gear from the moment my parents unboxed a Minolta X700 on a travel to Sicily in 1983, when I was eight. I just had to restart shooting film when my parents gave me this old X700 in fall 2017, already owning a small collection of manual Minolta lenses to use on Sony mirrorless cameras. “Needing“ a second film camera in a moment of GAS last summer I got by chance a very beautiful Minolta XD-7 from a collector, which lead me to do some more film photography.

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