Author name: Mike Caputo

Fireman Hilo, Hawaii

A quick 3 frames of Kodak Aerochrome – By Mike Caputo

I was lucky enough to be given two rolls of 120 Kodak Aerochrome by Em the Emulsive. That was really swell of him, thanks Em. He’s a good guy and I enjoy our occasional online correspondence. Hamish recently asked if I would mind sharing a few of the photos here on 35mmc. I immediately agreed, I enjoy both 35mmc and the Emulsive website equally the same; they go together like a PB&J, like beans & cornbread, like a fish fry and potato salad, like a cold beer and a hot dog, like corned beef and cabbage, they’re as sweet as hot-cakes and molasses!

Nikon EM

Nikon EM Review: The “SLR Camera for Women” – By Mike Caputo

It’s like the deodorant Secret: “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”…

The Nikon EM perfect! I love it. There’s nothing it can’t do. Well… that’s an exaggeration. There’s nothing I can’t make it do that it shouldn’t be able to do. There’s plenty of “features” missing; I simply use my vast and overpowering will to crush those obstacles. I’m the boss, not the machine. I say what goes, and for the 5 bucks I paid for this camera I’m willing to boss it around a ton.

The Canon Sure Shot Max

Canon Sure Shot Max Review – Eat Your Liver Yashica T4! – By Mike Caputo

I was recently on the lookout for a point-n-shoot film camera. Actually, I always am. I love point-n-shoot 35mm cameras yet I’ve come to hate the price. It seems just yesterday I sold my Yashica T4 on eBay for $250. That was over a year ago and they are listed at $400 now. Nuts to that! I balk and scoff every time I go on eBay these days. Of course I want a Contax T3, maybe a Nikon 35Ti, the Minolta Tc-1 or a Fuji Klasse S/W, but those prices….forget it. I’ve got a wife and kids, a mortgage, car payments, utility bills, and food of course.

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