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A quick 3 frames of Kodak Aerochrome – By Mike Caputo

March 16, 2020

I was lucky enough to be given two rolls of 120 Kodak Aerochrome by Em the EMULSIVE. That was really swell of him, thanks Em. He’s a good guy and I enjoy our occasional online correspondence. For reasons he tells me will become clear, Hamish recently asked if I would mind sharing a few of the photos here on 35mmc. I immediately agreed, I enjoy both 35mmc and the Emulsive website equally the same; they go together like a PB&J, like beans & cornbread, like a fish fry and potato salad, like a cold beer and a hot dog, like corned beef and cabbage, they’re as sweet as hot-cakes and molasses!

Now to the Aerochrome. I shot one of the two rolls given to me and paid the other forward, gifting it as part of my Emulsive Secret Santa package to some dude in England. Hope he enjoys it.

This Kodak Aerochrome was shot in a Minolta Autochord using a standard orange filter, metered at whatever the iPhone Light Meter App suggested after holding the filter in front of the iPhone lens and developed at The Darkroom Lab with E6 chemistry.

I was pleased with the results. It’s definitely a unique film and I’d use it again if it wasn’t over $50 a roll and near extinct. Unfortunately, this will probably my one and only roll.

These photos were taken in my neighborhood in Hilo, Hawaii.

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Mike Caputo


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    March 16, 2020 at 12:05 pm

    Wow! That top photo is incredible! Really gorgeous!

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