Author name: Tony Warren

In my 60 or so years of serious involvement in photography I have seen the demise of the viewfinder, the rise of the SLR and the eclipse of them all with the meteoric development of the digital camera. Through it all, however, and above all else, the image is what it is all about so I now use film alongside digital. whatever is the most appropriate or practical. My contributions will hopefully be useful for anyone interested in using film and also how a died-in-the-wool antique like me is continuing his life-long addiction in the digital age, using both platforms.

Ilford Ortho Plus – A good match for a Box Tengor 56/2.

A slightly outdated 120 roll of Ilford’s orthochromatic film left over from an earlier exercise seemed a good match for my recently purchased Zeiss Box Tengor. The Massive Development Chart recommends developing the film in my usual solution, Rodinal, at 1:100 for 10 minutes rated at 40 ISO. This gives slightly thin but fully toned …

Ilford Ortho Plus – A good match for a Box Tengor 56/2. Read More

Rollei Superpan 200 Film Mini-Review

I was recently introduced to this film in the shape of a couple of outdated rolls kindly enclosed with an order for Rollei Infrared 400 from Nzphotochem. Nzphotochem is a trader on the local online, e-bay-type auction site here in New Zealand ( and is an invaluable source of many less common analogue consumables.

Rollei Superpan 200 is a medium speed, monochrome film with panchromatic response and extended sensitivity into the near infrared, up to around 800 nanometers. It is also suitable for reversal processing.

That Time I Shot with Ilford Multigrade RC as film.

Many moons ago I was keen to try my hand with large format, as large as I could manage, 10 x 8 seeming a good choice. You can tell how long ago from my pinhole shot of the Humber Bridge in the UK which shows it under construction some 50 years ago! Since large format film was way beyond my means at the time I thought I would try enlarging paper to produce paper negatives which I would then contact print onto more enlarging paper to produce a positive image, just like Fox-Talbot.

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