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5 Frames with Minolta Dynax SPxi & expired Kodak Royal Gold 400 – by Matt Krajewski

It has been 9 months since my last “5 Frames with” post. Mainly because I’ve started a new job after graduating and it was very intensive limiting my free time a lot. That didn’t stop me from casual shooting and definitely didn’t stop me from buying more cameras – I hunt for them everyday. I buy some of them just for the sake of selling it few days later, keep the lens or finishing the film that is already in them.

5 Frames with Olympus IS-1000 and the film it came with – by Matt Krajewski

I have many Olympus cameras in my collection. The reason is that you can’t really go wrong with Olympus…..Can you? Well, so far I haven’t. So, when I came across this IS-1000 with loaded Kodak Gold Ultra 400 for just a fiver (despite being so ugly), I had to buy it! The camera itself looks like a typical bridge digital camera, long zoom range, plenty of controls at the back, SLR style viewfinder that is only clear when camera it’s powered up and reasonably comfortable grip. It sat for few weeks in the large box of all sorts before I decided to use it.

5 Frames with Minolta Dynax 500si Super – By Matt Krajewski

I have some collection of Minolta and Konica cameras. Most of them still haven’t been used… but they will at some point. The Minolta Dynax 500si Super was my first AF film camera. I must say, I’ve felt in love with it straight away. Why? Well, for the starters, it is so easy to use, you have PASM, some other pre-set modes, double exposure, auto focus is fast enough and it sits in my hand just perfect! Super is slightly better model than standard Dynax 500 by having metal lens mount… and possibly something else. Thanks to this camera I understood principles of photography. I carried it with me for most of the time and took it to America where she was  used more than my Sony A7.

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