5 Frames With Olympus AF10 (aka Infinity Jr) and the roll of film it came with – By Matt Krajewski

I keep buying and buying film cameras, not all of them that I come across. But an Olympus? With a film inside? For £3? That would be a sin not to. The Olympus AF10 Super or Infinity JR reminds me of the MJU I. Similar size, I think they both share the same 35mm f/3.5 lens, plastic and simple to use. There is not much happening on the AF10 body; shutter button, self timer and 3 flash settings (auto, off, fill-in)….oh and the frame counter. Unlike MJU I it is very easy to switch the flash off and if you’re DIY handy you can mod it to never switch automatically. 2 x AAA batteries, film and you’re ready to go. Anything you need from a wee point & shoot… Well, there is one thing missing, where is the rewind button? You can’t rewind your film till it’s actually finished… weird.

My camera had Fuji Superia 400 film loaded already…perfect! I took it with me for a day in Arrochar and gave it to my girlfriend to use while I was running around with Minolta X300. Two days later I’ve used Olympus in Glasgow and finished the roll. The camera is relatively quiet and fast. I think its AF is good but can’t really comment on it as my film must have been really badly stored and resulted in hardcore color shift while scanning – apart of the few photos taken by the previous owner which were fine. After scanning I’ve decided to convert it into B&W and to be honest I like the effect. I can bet that with fresh film I’d love it.

I think it’s a great alternative for MJU I which I wasn’t the biggest fan of at the first place. You might find it on local internet auction page soon.


You can read Hamish’s full review of this camera here


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2 thoughts on “5 Frames With Olympus AF10 (aka Infinity Jr) and the roll of film it came with – By Matt Krajewski”

  1. Excellent Matt! I like these too. The kebab shop frame is top. I have a roll of Kodacolor 200 that was in a recently acquired Pentax ME to use. I reckon about 10-12 frames were exposed, so I will expose the remainder and see what’s what.

    1. Thanks Chris! I love buying cameras with film inside. Alway have that excitement when developing, what will I find on it this time:)

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