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Rock shoots almost exclusively film, mainly 35mm just like he did when he first took up photography 35 years ago as a teenager. Has a collection of old cameras to try out and likes to mix it up a bit with different formats or alternative processes. Generally goes on walks and strolls photographing whatever he sees, rarely planned.

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Six of my Best Freebie Cameras – Part2: The Others – By Rock

Following on from my previous post regarding the ‘sins’ of being given cameras for free, when you have too many anyway, here is part 2 featuring three others. If you took notice of the feature image, you will know what is coming: a 35mm rangefinder and two medium format cameras, and all dating from before I was born. As before, this is not a comprehensive review but details of their acquisition and usage, a little discussion and some sample photos.

photo of developing kit

25 frames / a whole roll developed by me for the first time in 30 years – #FullRollFriday – by Rock

You have probably guessed by the title that’s it’s been a long time since I developed my own film. It was something that I did all the time in my youth. In fact, it was a requirement of the courses in photography that I took that you had to do all your own developing (and printing). I pretty much kept to black and white. Eventually I lost access to darkroom facilities and equipment. Indeed, I even left photography for quite some time.

graffiti on wall

Some photos and thoughts on Graffiti – By Rock

I was recently looking back through some of my photographs from the last few years and noticed that every now and then an image of graffiti would pop up in a roll. It seems that whenever I come across it while out and about with a camera, I tend to take a snap or two. Now, I don’t mind a bit of graffito (true spelling of the singular). Not the crap ‘tags’ that appear randomly on noticeboards, lampposts, shop windows, garage doors etc. Nor other wanton acts of criminal damage on peoples’ property. But the right stuff in the right place…I do admittedly like sometimes.

two lenses plus adapters

A look back at a Return to Photography and Discovering Shooting Legacy Lenses – By Rock

When I returned to photography as a hobby after a fifteen year lay-off, my newly acquired camera was digital; it never occurred to me to look into film again. I did lots of research into a possible DSLR, second hand of course, and initially decided on Olympus Evolt. But every E-1, E-5, E-30 etc was just too expensive and in the end I settled on a Fuji S2-Pro, a camera hailing from 2002.

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