Author name: Ben Felten

Photosynthesis: A Double-Exposure Art Project – By Ben Felten

In March and April of last year I published two articles on 35mmc detailing my experiments in double-exposures. For a while now I’ve been meaning to come back and tell more about what this has led to, but could never find the time. Now is the time. This week I’m releasing a zine of the …

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Fuji GW690iii

Fuji GW690iii – Hands on Review of the Texas Leica – By Benoît Felten

In my early film photography years (about a decade ago) I tried a few cheap medium format cameras (I own both a Moskva and a Lubitel, as well as a couple of old Kodak folders) but nothing stuck. Too fiddly, not reliable enough, etc. Obviously that had nothing to do with medium format and everything to do with the choice of cameras I tried it on (and my skill at making something of them).

A decade later, I have a lot more experience with film and with rangefinders, and in the spring I decided to revisit the issue. To be honest, it wasn’t a fully informed and rational process but rather reading and finding out about the Fuji GW690iii, a rather underlooked and underloved camera, which has the welcome side-effect of making it rather more affordable than the more renowned Hasselblads, Mamiyas and Bronicas.

A Spectacularly Failed Mui Wo Photo Trip – By Benoît Felten

Over 20 years ago, just after I met my wife to be, we took a weekend trip to Bruges (in Belgium) which that was so marred with unexpected (though minor) catastrophes that I turned it into a hilarious letter of woe back to my family (or so said my mother). Consider this a similar exercise, but this time narrating the sad photographic happenings over three days in Mui Wo on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

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