Author name: scottfotodotcom

Michael is a London, UK based photographer who works exclusively with film, usually black and white. As a social documentary photographer he seeks out largely unnoticed and unobserved moments which celebrate the richness and diversity of humanity.

5 frames of the Extinction Rebellion with a Leica R5 – by Michael Scott

Mention Leica and most photographers think of their legendary ‘M’ rangefinder cameras. In contrast, Leica’s ‘R’ SLR film cameras are more forgotten. Which means they are cheap(er) to buy and, just as importantly, the R lenses are also considerably cheaper than their M counterparts, even though they offer the same great optical and build quality.

5 frames with the Kodak 66 model III – by Michael Scott

Folders like the Kodak 66, which dates from the mid 1950’s, are excellent examples of how compact and useable the 6×6 format can be in spite of the film’s size. I had wanted to try folders for a while and managed to pick up a couple of examples (a model II and a model III) on eBay for around £20-25 each (complete with cases). Both were in great shape for their ages. I was slightly surprised to find, though, that they had foam light seals which had perished, but these were easily and quickly replaced.

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