Simon is a documentary photographer. This means narrative projects, told via long form photo-essays, and publications. Follow him on Instagram for a rolling feed of his work: His personal blog can be found at:

Simon's Posts

7 May, 2024

Karni Mata, Deshnoke

By Simon

During my recent visit to India I travelled to the town of Deshnoke in order to spend some time at a temple I had heard about. Dating from around 1530, the Karni Mata temple is ...

7 December, 2023

Dream Grieving, Photograph Weaving

By Simon

For my usual documentary work when it comes the time to actually put the puzzle pieces together I find they fit together better and better the more projects I work on. A finishe...

25 July, 2023

Death and Film Photography

By Simon

For a few years now I have been using photography as a way to explore philosophy, especially around metaphysics. Photography is bound to a practical visual reality, so depicting...