3 October, 2015

A couple of rolls with the Leica M5

By Hamish Gill

I realised the other day that I haven’t yet posted any photos I’ve taken with my Leica M5. So since just in the last few weeks I’ve shot a couple of rolls with...

26 September, 2015

The 50mm Sonnar gets a workout in the Gym

By Hamish Gill

A good mate of mine, Gianni, is setting up a company to sell high quality weight lifting apparel. As part of his bid to sell this apparel he needed a brand and website setting u...

25 September, 2015

First Roll with the Zeiss 50mm ZM Sonnar

By Hamish Gill

I’ve got a whole bunch of photos back from the Sonnar – I’ve sent 6 rolls shot with it to AG over the last few weeks and the first of them came back today. Thi...

16 September, 2015

First roll with Zeiss Ikon (ZM)

By Hamish Gill

Some time earlier on this year I borrowed a Zeiss Ikon – the modern M-mount camera often referred to as the “Ikon ZM”. I’ve been fascinated by these came...

20 July, 2015

Legoland Windsor & giving AG Photo Lab a go

By Hamish Gill

A few weeks ago, I helped my mate Ben celebrate his birthday by taking our respective kiddies to Legoland Windsor. Legoland was a place I dreamed of going as a kid. It has alway...