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5 Zines

5 Analogue Zines You Should Try: Pt1 – By Holly Gilman

I love photography books in all their guises – Monograph, Theory, Practical (although perhaps practical books feature less than the others) – but undoubtedly there are many great photographers out there who aren’t picked up by publishers. And that’s why the fact that self-publishing is so easy is fantastic and allows us to discover photographers that may not otherwise be noticed.

In this article I wanted to share 5 zines/self-published books from my shelves which I think you should try.

Street Photography in Copenhagen in the 1960s – By Teit Joergensen

My uncle had a Leica and this got me interested in photography.

My parents had Family of Man by Edward Steichen which I studied intensively. When I was 11-12 years old I got an Agfa Click, a 6×6 plastic camera and I clearly remember the first photographs I shot were of swans. When I was 14 I got a job as a piccolo in a nearby hotel during my school vacation. I made earned enough that I could afford a Zenith, the Russian SLR camera and an Opemus enlarger which I put on my desk – I never did school homework anyway –  now I was up and running.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori – The making of a Zine – By George Griffin

The Industrial Revolution changed the world forever. The coming of mechanised production was a shift from a mainly agricultural society to a technological one. London was the first city affected by this as the Industrial Revolution originated in the UK. As London grew it swallowed up great swathes of the countryside, this put enormous strain on city services due to overcrowding.

Hollywood Sunset – An Analog Experience with a Nikon and a 3D printed 4×5 – By Oleg (Boris) Dyachenko

I am Boris, and here’s my story about a photo project I started in 2019. Even though the 2020 events changed its course quite a bit, I was still able to finish it and make it into a book, to be printed in 2022.

For over two decades I worked in the magazine publishing industry where I developed my passion for photography. I first started to photograph much earlier though. At the age of 10 I learned how to shoot with my dad’s medium format TLR.

Morag Perkins

Photography Through The Pandemic – A Spotlight on the Artists: Pt 5

Welcome to part five of our Spotlight on the Artists. In each article I’ll be sharing a few of our contributors with you, telling you a little bit about their work and where you can see more. And of course, encouraging you to support our kickstarter campaign to get the book made! Mike Beard Mike …

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