Photography Through The Pandemic – A Spotlight on the Artists: Pt 4

By Holly Gilman

Welcome to part four of our Spotlight on the Artists.

In each article I’ll be sharing five of our contributors with you, telling you a little bit about their work and where you can see more. And of course, encouraging you to support our kickstarter campaign to get the book made!

Andrea Armando

Andrea’s work is used as the featured image.

Based in Northern Italy, Andrea devotes most of his free time to his love of photography, experimenting with digital, analog and instant media. He is particularly passionate about street photography and over the years has collected images from all around the world.

You can see more of Andrea’s work on his instagram.

Wendy Chapman
Wendy Chapman

Wendy Chapman

Wendy is based in the UK, I discovered her work through the Female Film Photographers Facebook Group.

“I am a cross-over photographer using both digital and analogue. I have to say that whilte I enjoy both I get the most pleasure from film photography. Pinhole may be my favorite because when it works it is such an unexpected and unique result especially from a little box, tiny hole and film.

I returned to film about four years ago and have acquired quite a collection of cameras. I try to use them all and am finding the fulfillment and challenge of this type of photography has taught me to be a more patient and thoughtful photographer.”
You can see more of Wendy’s work on Instagram.

Aly Chiarello
Aly Chiarello

Alyssia Chiarello

Aly is a US based photographer and YouTuber.

“Photography means everything to me. I‘ve had a lot of loss and trauma in my life so I photograph to remember. I carry a film camera everywhere I go and it serves as an escape for me whether taking pics from the car or just around my home. I don’t think I go a day without feeling an urge to photograph.

While I consider myself an amateur photographer, I do hope to one day create a photo book and share some of the projects I’ve been working on. I hope people can feel my passion for this medium through my work. “

You can see more of Aly’s work on Instagram, YouTube and her Website.

Sarah Stellino
Sarah Stellino

Sarah Stellino

Sarah Stellino is a queer photographer who enjoys using large format film and is primarily based out of Wisconsin, US. She focuses on portraiture and aims to capture people’s natural essence.

Whether photographing her own family, or connecting with LGBTQIA+ people in her community, she always aims to have the interaction of making someone’s portrait be more than transactional. She wants to connect with people on a deeper level and learn of people’s life experiences in order to collaborate and create a portrait that feels authentic to who they are.

Because she is so interested in the deep connections between humans, Sarah finds herself most inspired by artists who work to preserve the stories and experiences of those around them. At this time, Sarah is beginning a body of work aiming to document the rural LGBTQIA+ community across the US.

You can find more of Sarah’s work on Instagram.

Dave Whenham
Dave Whenham

Dave Whenham

Dave is based in West Yorkshire in the UK and has been making photographs for over forty five years.

Currently he is working mainly with both pinhole and panoramic cameras. He works mainly with film and everything from 35mm to large format cameras. Photography is his method of expressing what he sees around him and for many years this has been mostly in black and white, partly because he started with black and white film and partly because he enjoys the aesthetic.

His biggest influences in recent years have been Fay Godwin and Bill Brandt not least because they photographed landscapes with which Dave is familiar.

You can see more of Dave’s work on Instagram and his articles on 35mmc.

Thank you for reading and let us know in the comments if you have any questions for our wonderful contributors!

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