A Tale of Two Processes – Quality Coffee and Film Photography – by Cody Allen

As a fan of manual processes that have since become more automated over the span of history, I couldn’t help pondering the similarities between two of my main interests; quality coffee and film photography. I know I’m not alone in sharing these hobbies so with this crowd in mind, I thought I’d wax poetic on the similarities and relation between manually brewing coffee and shooting/self-developing film.

To preface, I have shot film for around three years and have had an “above average” appreciation of quality coffee for maybe the last ten years or so. Just like there are many ways to skin a cat as they say, such is true for brewing coffee and developing film.

There Is No Such Thing As 120mm Film!

Right. There’s no such thing as “120mm” film. The format is called just “120”!I’m writing this post as part of a concerted effort to correct this bizarre misconception that seems to have taken over the internet. It’s most prevalent on Instagram where there are whole accounts dedicated to “120mm” and the hashtags #120mm and #120mmfilm have been used hundreds of thousands of times.

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