Finding the value in home scanning – Guest post by Frank Lehnen

Ahem, Ok, I guess I have some ‘splaining to do here. Some time ago I wrote this post for 35mmc, in praise for expensive outsourcing of film development and scanning. I wrote it because I wholeheartedly believed what I said. And I still think that the time saved by having a lab scan your film is invaluable. …

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Front view of Plustek scanner

Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Review – A case for home scanning – by KJ Vogelius

… After looking into lab offerings both locally and abroad I was disheartened. None of the labs were significantly better, cheaper or faster as a whole. However I soon concluded that if I scanned myself I could get my cost down to a third and cut delivery time to days instead of weeks – a compelling proposition indeed….

Discovering the professional scan – Guest post by Frank Lehnen

First let me get something out of my system: Film should be wet printed! Yeah, and I should be really rich and the whole world should be at peace. Problem is, I don’t have the space and the time needed to wet print, so this is out of the equation.

Then there’s your local friendly photo lab. As much as I am for keeping local businesses in… business, I am definitely not happy with their prints, at least black and white prints.

Legoland Windsor & giving AG Photo Lab a go

A few weeks ago, I helped my mate Ben celebrate his birthday by taking our respective kiddies to Legoland Windsor. Legoland was a place I dreamed of going as a kid. It has always been a place I’d imagined as being magically constructed entirely from Lego. Of course, the visit destroyed my dreams… It wasn’t …

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