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Thinking about spending a stack of cash on a film camera? Read this first!

In the last 5 years the value of used film cameras has gone through the roof. Demand has increased, supply hasn’t, and the price you need to pay for a lot of popular film cameras is now reflecting that. But for every day that passes, all these cameras are getting older, less reliable and harder, if not impossible, to service – a fact that sometimes seems a little lost in all the excitement!

What film camera should I buy

Which Film Camera Should I Buy? A Guide to Anyone Asking This Question

In this post you will find out why I don’t know the answers to the question “what camera should I buy?”. You WIll also find out why I don’t make specific recommendations for particular cameras, some thoughts around buying your first film camera, what sort of camera might be right for you bearing some of the core principles of photography and how much you want to learn, some details on different types of cameras, and finally some advice around not falling foul of something called GAS.

Rangefinder camera

What is a Rangefinder Camera, and is one right for you?

For many photographers rangefinder cameras are some of the most simple, easy to use, unimposing and inconspicuous cameras available. Yet for those who don’t get on with them, they can distract from the process of photography and feel unnecessarily difficult and indeed limiting in use. Of course, there’s no right and wrong here, it’s all subjective and comes down to people’s simple preferences. But there are good reasons why both sets of opinions exist. As such, I thought I might unpick some of this with a little guide to the rangefinder camera.

How to Choose the Best Camera for Street Photography – Guest post by Digby Fullam of

Gear isn’t the be all and end-all, but the right gear still makes life so much easier. While street photography may not be the absolutely most demanding photography medium on equipment, it is one that suits some specific cameras much more than others. The best street photography camera will allow you to blend in seamlessly with your surroundings, reacting quickly and instantly to the myriad different moments that prevent themselves without warning on the streets, giving you the tools you need to start making great street photos.

9 Reasons you shouldn’t own a thread mount Leica – Guest post by Dominik Mrzyk

Quite recently, Hamish published an article about Barnack Leica’s giving 7 reasons to own one. Well, he mentioned all the advantages of these cameras, but he didn’t mention their disadvantages. And I found a few of them. Some introduction: I own a Leica IIIf. I haven’t spent any money on it. Yes, you read that …

9 Reasons you shouldn’t own a thread mount Leica – Guest post by Dominik Mrzyk Read More

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