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13 September, 2015

£500 for Refugee Action

By Hamish Gill

I’m about to celebrate 500,000 “hits” to this websites. I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything to anyone else, but it’s a nice little statistic ...

5 September, 2015

Petri Color 35 Review

By Hamish Gill

It’s got a good reputation the Petri Color 35. It seems to be relatively unknown, but from those who do know the camera, it seems to garner high praise – Dan wh...

30 August, 2015

Konica Auto S3 review – by Mike Caputo

By Mike Caputo

We all love cameras and film. Most of us spend hours searching for detailed reviews of a prospective camera we might be interested in purchasing, searching for a specific need o...

24 August, 2015

595Strapco Laverton review

By Hamish Gill

A week or so ago, Dave from 595Strapco sent me one of his Laverton Leather Camera Neck Straps. I’ve been using it since on a verity of cameras so thought I’d share m...

23 August, 2015

Olympus mju-iii wide 100 review

By Hamish Gill

This little Olympus mju-iii wide 100 became a deviation from a path. If I’d followed the results of a little poll I did, I’d be reviewing the Petri Color 35 now. But...