Konica Genba Kontaku 28 WB camera

Konica Genba Kantoku 28WB Review – “The Guv” – by Ray Yee

When I was young, I was given a Tonka toy truck. Sold as being were indestructible, a four year old me took this as a challenge and duly tested this out by placing said truck under my dad’s car. One punctured tyre and slightly bent toy later, I developed a fascinated with ruggedised objects.

And so, when I came across a “Genba Kontaku” (Japanese for site supervisor) camera during a rather my latest Shinjuku Camera Shop Walk in Tokyo, I jumped at the chance to get one.

And the winner of the M4 is Julián Péter

It’s not been an easy process for anyone involved in the process of judging all 373 images. There were a lot of good photos, many of which deserved to win. In the end, a combination of most judges having this image in their top 5, and it being the most compliant with the original guidelines is what won it. But it was close.

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