35mm Compact Photographer #20 – Michael Rennie

I’m Michael Rennie, I live in Wormit, Fife, Scotland, I’m father to two awesome kids; Lana and Luke and married to my best friend Kate. I’m a mechatronics engineer by day but at heart I’m skateboarder and cyclist; in fact I enjoy all sorts of outdoor pursuits, sailing, hill walking, surfing and snowboarding whenever I get the chance – and I’ve been taking photos since I was a young teenager…

Specialist Film Camera Repair & Modification Companies

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a chap called Matt who suggested it might be nice to create a list of reputable camera repairers. Specifically film camera repairers.

Rather than me try and find all these specialists myself, I thought I’d ask you folks to help me make a list – if you have positive experience of a camera repair or modification company, please comment on the post here

Leica M4

Leica M4 Review

The Leica M4 in many people’s eyes is the last of the classic Leica rangefinder cameras. In fact, if you spend any time reading around forums and websites looking for opinion on this camera, you’ll find it holds the prize with many as being the ultimate Leica M camera. I’m not so sure myself – all of the models have their hardened fans – but looking back at the features and the history of the Leica M, it’s easy to see how people come to some of the justifications and positive views held about the Leica M4.

The Lomo LC-A

Lomo LC-A – 7 Alternatives to the Classic Lomo – by Alan Duncan

The Lomo LC-A has become the iconic ‘marmite’ camera of our times. Whether you love or hate this Soviet era zone focus compact and what it has come to stand for (or not) – there is no denying its popularity and the fact it has become one of the more expensive 2nd hand compacts out there at times rivalling the cost of the Legendary Stylus Epic. But there are alternatives……

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