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A Canon Prima BF-90, 3 Rolls of Agfa Vista 200 and a Trip to Japan – Guest post by Nuraishah Shamsuddin

My name is Nuraishah Shamsuddin. Im a 23 years old traveler and photographer based in Malaysia. Since I was a kid, I used to travel with my parents in and out of the countries. I love taking photos so much and the passion continues until I graduated from my Bachelor of Fine Arts. Although I am majoring in fine arts, my love for photography never dies. I dedicate this year for travels and capturing as many photos as I can for my own collection and portfolio.



These photos were taken during my last trip to Japan mainly in Kansai area which is Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. I choose to bring the Canon Prima BF-90 with me because it is light, compact and most of all, it is a point and shoot camera since I moved around a lot.

Shooting film excites me more since I haven’t got to see the images until it has been develop and it is a surprise for me to see the images that I took awhile ago. It’s like holiday all over again.

What even surprised me more is this is actually my third rolls since the first time I involved myself in film photography and I am quite happy with the outcome and Afga Vista 200 really compliments the photos. The tones adds a soft touch to it.
The only downside about this camera is that it needs a proper amount of light especially during night time. Although it has a built in flash, I personally prefer shooting using natural light.

Most of the subjects that I shoot mainly focused on the surroundings. It could be anything from pedestrians to a static garbage can. Basically anything that I find interesting, I will shoot. Most of the time I try to capture the behavior of people around me – their everyday life. Because that is the only way that I can show people the beauty of the places that I went. But when it comes to shooting a moving object, everything is about the timing. Sometimes I win, sometimes I’m about to win 😉

Overall, I am glad I bring the Canon Prima BF-90 with me during the trip. Not just that it is easy to use but the quality of the images are beyond from what I expected from a camera that I found sitting in a cupboard for a decade of time.

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    Tobias Eriksson
    July 14, 2017 at 7:17 am

    Thank you for sharing! You have a good eye – I particularly like your subway photos.

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