50mm Lens

A classic Hasselblad Distagon 50mm f/4 lens made by Zeiss, mounted to a V series camera body

Hasselblad (Zeiss) Distagon 50mm f/4 Review

Hello there! The important thing I want to note right in the beginning: I haven’t intended this article as a comprehensive, technical-focused review of the Zeiss Distagon 50mm f/4 lens for the Hasselblad V system. Others have done this before – and they have done it probably way better than I could do. So kudos to them; I’ll link related posts further down.

Instead, the article is supposed to talk more about the artistic possibilities (virtues) of this versatile lens. Or, to say it more precisely: how I use the lens’ artistic possibilities for my photographic pleasure. Oh yes, this piece of equipment is a lot of fun!

Pentax 50mm f/1.2 SMC lens on Film with a Pentax LX – by Aivaras

This wouldn’t be review of camera body or lens, there are plenty written. What I’ll share is my personal story of how I come to this set. One more aspect why I’m writing this is that when I was considering the Pentax 50mm f/1.2 lens I found there to be a lack of proper film photos within shared results. So what to expect from it? For those who will be exploring the idea of buying this same glass, hopefully, this piece of writing might be useful.

I just had to come to this particular “corner“; a combination of lens and camera body, that most of film Pentaxians should confess they think about.

Nikon FG

Nikon Micro-NIKKOR 55mm f/2.8 AI-S – Now, then and always? – By Clifton Dowell

A 30-year-old, hand-me-down Nikon lens recently bit the dust and I decided to replace it. Surprisingly, the exact model I was replacing is still available today. Try doing that with a computer component or a phone charger. But Nikon’s F mount is classic and virtually all the manual focus lenses manufactured by the company today are still AI-S lenses – a standard that first hit the market in the early 1980s. (The exceptions are a few specialty lenses.)

Nikkor-Q.C 5cm f/3.5 LTM

Nikon (Nippon Kogaku) Nikkor-Q.C 5cm f/3.5 Review – An Odd Duck in the Sea of 50mm Lenses – By Agata Urbaniak

In the early days of my interest in Leica, what I found particularly curious was just how many 50mm lenses its users had. It used to be so simple – at first you want a lens that’s going to cover all bases, then you start thinking about lenses for particular purposes. What usually gets you over wanting an all-purpose lens is the speed. It gets you over the pursuit of sharpness too, who cares about corner sharpness when you’ve got an f/1.4 lens. And you think as long as you’ve got the fastest lenses you can afford for each type of photography you want to pursue, you’re all set. Why have multiple seemingly similar lenses?

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