Agfa APX 100

Konica TCX with Sigma 28mm lens

5 Frames Simply Taken with a Konica TC-X and Sigma Mini-Wide II 28mm lens (No Batteries Required) – By Iain Paterson

Going back to basics in photography – using just a light-tight box, a single lens, and a mechanical shutter and winder – is often framed as a return to simplicity, even if it immensely complicates the actual process of taking a picture. I guess simplicity refers in this case not only to the equipment, but also to a sort of purity of experience. Seeking more engagement with the process than an autofocus SLR or compact can provide, and even perhaps aiming for something of a meditative state, a photographer might first choose a metered manual focus camera, perhaps setting exposure guided by a match needle in the viewfinder.

5 Frames With Bessa R, Jupiter-8 50mm and VC Color Skopar 35mm – By Eric Rose

Prior to vacation,  as a photographer, what causes you the most stress?  In this world there are a myriad of valid concerns.  For me it’s which camera or cameras to take. The STRESS! It can take me several weeks to finally make a decision.  Will it be digital or film, maybe both, if both then …

5 Frames With Bessa R, Jupiter-8 50mm and VC Color Skopar 35mm – By Eric Rose Read More

Leica with Agfa APX 100

5 Frames at 5 in the Morning With Even More Ludicrously Pushed APX 100 – By Hern Tan

I’m down to my last nine rolls of Ilford HP5+ at the time of writing, and postal services seem to be rather iffy about their availability amid this global pandemic. With avoiding crowded places being the responsible thing to do, I’ve shut the door – quite literally – on all outdoor activities save for the grocery run. Alas, a week into being a hermit, I started to suffer from withdrawal symptoms from a lack of contact with the shutter button, and no, I wouldn’t just be content with shooting things around my very cramped apartment.

5 Frames with Rollei Retro 100 Or Agfa APX 100 – By Rock

So this post is in response to Daniel Sigg’s fab review ‘Experiements With Three Rollei 135 Film Stock’ of February 26th. Daniel looked at three b/w films from Rollei i.e RPX100, RPX 25 and Retro 80s (some excellent photos Daniel!). It was particularly interesting for me as I am a fan of most things Agfa, and some of the current Rollei offerings are known to be at least based on Agfa emulsion if not entirely made by them. In addition, I have acquired some Rollei Retro 100 so thought now would be the time to give it a test.

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