AGFA Isolette

photo of two agfa isolette cameras

Lens versus Pinhole – Battle of the Isolettes – By Rock

Since I posted a while ago now about my exploits with a 35mm pinhole mod, I have been contemplating pinhole photography at medium format. You may have also read a more recent ‘5 frames’ of mine explaining my like for old bellows cameras, including the virtues of the 1950s Agfa Isolettes. So when I came across an Isolette that had been converted to pinhole, I jumped at the chance to acquire it.

Agfa Isolette camera

5 Frames with an AGFA Isolette – By Rock

In an April post, I bemoaned the lack of use of my Pentax 6×7 set-up. Whilst an amazing camera with wonderful optics, I drew particular attention to the fact the images produced are not what I am looking for in my output. Super sharp, pretty, medium format negatives are not necessarily for me. I even mentioned that I have a penchant for ‘imperfect’ photographs, probably influenced by a liking for pioneering photographers of yesteryear. That’s where my second liking comes in: that of vintage folders, such as the Agfa Isolette viewfinder cameras.

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