Cameradactyl Mongoose

NEWS: The CAMERADACTYL MONGOOSE Fast Automated 35mm Film Scanner Launches on Kickstarter

Crazy-inventor Ethan Moses or Cameradactly has done something cool. In fact, he has done something that a lot of people in the world of film digitisation have been crying out for for a long time. He has invented an automatic feeding, automatic frame detecting, automatic camera triggering film holder for digitising film with a digital camera. 

CAMERADACTYL Brancopan 35mm Panoramic Camera: A Preview with Pictures – By Ethan

I’m Ethan, I make cameras at A few months back I finished the initial prototypes for a new camera, the Brancopan, which is a 35mm panoramic camera that takes Mamiya press lenses. For this article, I wanted to put together a bit of a preview, as well as showing some pictures I’ve taken with the camera. I’ve had a working version of the Brancopan since this summer, and I’ve beat it around quite a bit, shot about a hundred rolls over three countries. I only have about 40 rolls scanned so far.

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