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NEWS: The CAMERADACTYL MONGOOSE Fast Automated 35mm Film Scanner Launches on Kickstarter

September 15, 2020

Crazy-inventor Ethan Moses or Cameradactly has done something cool. In fact, he has done something that a lot of people in the world of film digitisation have been crying out for for a long time. He has invented an automatic feeding, automatic frame detecting, automatic camera triggering film holder for digitising film with a digital camera and has launched it on Kickstarter here.

Being the person behind pixl-latr this is of course a subject I am a little familiar with. Film digitisation is, and has for a while, been slowly drifting away from more traditional methods of scanning and toward people using digital cameras. The hurdles of digitising with digital cameras are many, and specifically when compared to old commercial scanners can be a little slow. pixl-latr helps a little with the speed issue, but devices like the Negative Supply holders help even further. But for real speed of scanning, this new CAMERADACTYL MONGOOSE automated film holder really excels.

I actually have a demo unit on the way, and was hoping to have it before Ethan launched the campaign, but it hasn’t arrived in time, so for now you are going to have to watch the 87 second video on Kickstarter where Ethan very quickly talks through what the CAMERADACTYL MONGOOSE does whilst it scans the whole film. It’s impressive – very impressive!

I will be back with thoughts on an actual demo unit soon, but if you are digitising 35mm film with a digital camera and want something that works faster, you should go and back the Kickstarter here!

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