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AE-1 vs. OM4 – A Viable Alternative to Usual Recommendations – By Michael Allan-Wood

It’s no secret that film has had a significant revival throughout the chaos that was, and still is, COVID-19. Isolation, forced or otherwise, has caused many to take to new hobbies or rekindle long standing ones. Primarily ones that are solitary, like photography.

This is a fantastic boon for those of us already in the hobby, but with global film shortages and an increasing demand for gear (read: film and gear is getting more expensive), what options are available for those of us starting out?

B.B King on a Canon AE1 – By Ron Duda

Blues legend B. B. King came to my town, Hamilton, Canada  in 1983 to play at what was then called Hamilton Place. What that venue lacked in architectural character it more than made up for in its excellent acoustics. Being a medium sized city, we didn’t attract many big acts. B. B. playing in our town was a pretty big deal. He was at the height of his talent and popularity. He’d recorded his famous “The Thrill Is Gone” about 14 years prior. It became his signature tune and a Blues classic. (B. B. was still in fine form when I saw him 20 years later in the same venue.)

Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1 Review – The Hater’s Guide – By Rich Stroffolino

It is perhaps underappreciated that because new 35mm cameras aren’t being made (or at least not produced in volume), we have changed how we evaluate these cameras as a community. When cameras were being produced like any other consumer electronic device, the longevity of a camera was less of a concern. But now, as we see once state of the art electronics fail over the decades, we’ve placed a priority on simplicity. This consideration makes once humble cameras into valuable objects in the film world.

American Dream Colors: On US Roads with my Canon AE-1 – By J.M. Saponaro

I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of time in the US, thanks to my job in New York. As a software engineer in a very technical industry, photography has been for a few years my escape into exploring something more artistic. Pushed by one of my best friends, a renowned photographer, I dove into photography. After a few years with digital cameras, my step-father, who is like a father to me, made me the happiest by offering me his old film camera: a Canon AE-1 that he brought back from Japan in the 80’s while navigating on commercial ships.

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