Canon F1

5 Frames from a Night Shift Medic on Tri-X at 1600 in a Canon New F1 – By Cody Thompson

I’m an emergency paramedic on the night shift in a very busy system. For a while, the inherent darkness of my shift kept me from bringing a camera to work at all. Then I toyed around with a point and shoot with a built in flash but was never quite happy with the results. The lens, at f/2.8, was too slow and I found myself resorting to using the flash too often. Most of my photos were either blurry or had that direct flash look, so after one roll it was removed from night duty. Next, I tried Cinestill 800t in a Canon New F1 with a 50mm f1.4 and got far more favorable results. I love the colors of 800t, but don’t love the red halation, the price, and the scarcity, so that idea was also a one and done.

5 Frames with Canon F-1 – By Ben Kepka

My great uncle (Zig) had an amazing life. He originally came from Poland to New Zealand as a refugee from World War 2. Once in New Zealand, he worked to cut some of the most famous walking tracks in the country. One of them, the Milford Track is often touted as the most beautiful walk in the world.He was an avid photographer and took tens of thousands of slides over the years, handing them all down to me. Along with these slides came a near mint condition Canon F1 with three lenses. The 35 – 105 f3.5 lens, the 70 – 210mm f4 lens and a 50mm f1.4 prime. In my mind, this is the holy trinity of lenses for a camera from yesteryear.

5 Frames with a Canon F1 with a 55mm f/1.2 – James Greenoff

My Canon F1 came to me just after I’d committed to no more cameras. I have about six or seven good cameras working in a rotation and for the most part I’m an SLR shooter, (I have a a Leica M4-P which I’ve yet to fully engage with, it is a very nice ‘thing’ though). It all happened after I’d been chuntering away about wanting a super simple, super sexy, 35mm SLR, that gave me the things that I love about the Leica without without having to compromise on the stuff I like about SLRs in general. 

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