Canon Point & Shoot

Canon Sure Shot M Mini-Review & Auto-Flash Disable Modification

Just before Christmas I spotted a rather injured looking Canon Sure Shot M (otherwise known as the Canon Prima Mini) in a second hand shop in town. I’ve looked at these cameras a few times – mostly because they look quite nice and are quite small. This one didn’t look as nice, to be fair, but it was only £5, so I thought it worth a punt. As it turns out, it’s knackered nature would make it the perfect candidate for modifying/hacking it so it would never automatically flash.

Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom

Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom – Mini Review – By Gavin Bain

It’s hard this day and age to get away from plastic point & shoot cameras. The “popular” film photographers pedal them all the time as the greatest cameras money can buy, there is an abundance of online auctions for plastic point and shoots, and endless videos on YouTube titled “My First Time Using Film” with a point and shoot in the thumbnail, which still boggles my mind. I’m only 27 but the thought that a lot of photographers now are only using film for the first time in 2020 makes me feel extremely old.  

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