Chroma Snapshot

Positive Memories – Creating Positive Images Inspired by the Photobooth Process – By Andy Smale

When I was young, every bus or railway station, airport, Woolworths, Boots, shopping centers and department stores all had a Photo booth.  These booths allowed the sitter to have 4 pictures taken, in return for a suitable deposit of coins, followed by the actual silver gelatin black and white photographs in a strip about 1.5 inches wide and 5 inches long.  The pictures were accepted by the passport office and were of great quality.

Some of the machines were also capable of producing a single portrait or 4 mini portraits in a square as well as the more common strip of photos described above.

Chroma Snapshot mini-review – Fun with a 3D printed large format customized camera – By Oleg (Boris) Dyachenko

I love the look that the images shot with a large format camera give you. My old wooden Tachihara camera had lots of adjustments, leaky bellows and needed to be shot on a tripod only. So I wanted something which is large format but light, simpler, fixed lens and still can be shot handheld.

A quick web search returned some 3d printed 4x5s. Most of them looked ridiculous but I also found a Chroma camera website, where the large format cameras looked slick and even sported some elegant carbon fibre details.

Camera lineup

Fall Leaves with Five Cameras – By Dave Palumbo

Autumn is my favorite season and one of its many charms is the brief couple of weeks where the leaves shift to brilliant golden colors. Unfortunately this is also one of the busiest times of the year for me, so I often completely miss out on going shooting until the branches are mostly bare. This year I was determined to get out as much as possible to enjoy and photograph some Fall foliage.

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