Cinestill 50D

Giza Pyramids

Cairo, Egypt with a Nikon FE, 20mm Lens and Cinestill 50 – By Felix I Flores Rodriguez

Egypt is one of the fifty-four countries on the African continent. One of the most famous cities around the world is Cairo, which has served as an inspiration to one thousand and one dreams. I will not bore you with information about this great continent, country, or city. I advise placing Africa, Egypt, and Cairo on your bucket list of places to visit. This article will discuss my experiences in this beautiful place and the dos and don’ts I discovered.

Canon Canonet QL19 GIII

5 Frames with a Canon Canonet QL19 GIII and Cinestill 50D in Ilfosol 3 – by Sacha Cloutier

In my quest for the ideal kit, or collection, I have tried to narrow down the camera’s that I really want to try. It’s the hope that I can get my purchases under control. I don’t think it’s working. At least I am getting fun cameras out of this. I started this adventure at the beginning of May when I bought a box of cameras. The goal to try as many cameras as I can with a consistent turnaround in stock. I have yet to get rid of a camera since then.

5 Frames from New York, on Cinestill 50D with the Olympus XA – by Simon King

I recently returned to London from a week in New York, which I spent exploring the city with the sole purpose of photography. Usually my travel setup involves two bodies which can share lenses, but earlier in the year I started to use my Rollei 35AFM as a pocket snapshot machine, and as such it never left my front shirt pocket – not when travelling, and not when in London. However as time went on I decided that the Rollei, while a spectacular camera, was not justifiable; I sold it and bought an Olympus XA. I wrote about one of my first rolls through the XA here, where I mentioned how I was struggling with the 35mm field of view.

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