Cinestill Df96 Monobath

Nikon F90

5 Frames with a Nikon N90s and Cinestill BWXX – By Floyd K. Takeuchi

When the novel Coronavirus pandemic began to spread like wildfire, state and municipal authorities in Hawaii were quick to act. A broad-based lockdown was ordered, and while it knocked out Hawaii’s tourism-reliant economy in about three weeks – unemployment skyrocketed from under 2 percent to nearly 40 percent in a month – deaths and COVID-19 cases were kept under control.

Shooting 5×4 with Connie / Reminding myself how easy Large Format Photography is

The other weekend I decided it might be fun to attempt to entertain Connie my 8 year old daughter with some photography. I’ve given her a little point & shoot digital which she had been having some fun snapping with, so I thought I might show her the joys of the opposite end of the photography spectrum: shooting, developing and digitising large format film.

Learning to develop film with the Cinestill Df96 Monobath – By Rob MacKillop

I’d been shooting film alongside digital for about a decade, and once took a course in b&w film developing. Unfortunately, I suffered an allergic reaction to the chemicals, which induced a major asthma attack. I was bitterly disappointed with the experience and put to the back of my mind any thought of ever developing my own film at home.

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