9 June, 2018

Leica Q Review – by Adam Laws

By Adam Laws

I never intended to purchase a Leica Q when it was first announced. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube that entered my feed when it was initially released and disregarded i...

28 April, 2018

Game Boy Camera – by Adam Laws

By Adam Laws

What was your first digital camera? You may have possibly owned a Casio QV-10, Nikon D1 or alternatively a Canon 5D. Your first digital might have been a 2MP beast situated on a...

21 January, 2018

Ricoh GXR Review – By Alex Hakimi

By Alex Hakimi

It’s strange that I should be inspired to write a review about the Ricoh GXR; a digital camera. I made film my primary medium several years ago. In this time I've acquired a sle...