Double Exposure

Double Exposure, Double City – By Joshua Blevins Peck

I love multiple exposures. There’s something freeing about letting go and having fun with a camera to create a layered, abstract image. When I’m making doubles, triples, and quadruples, I normally use my Nikon FM2n camera that I’ve had for over thirty years (the best teenage birthday present of my life!). Using the FM2n, I have some control over what I am shooting, but earlier in 2022, I started a project with my friend Nancy Churillo that forced me to give up all control. 

Delving Deeper into Textured Double-Exposure – By Benoît Felten

So a few weeks ago, I shared an article on my process doing textured double-exposure portraits with my XPAN film camera. This is a series that I call Human Nature. Thank to all of you who commented and shared that article. It was the first time I had widespread feedback on the process and results, and it comforted me in the idea that it was an avenue worth exploring.

Shooting Textured Double-Exposures with the Hasselblad XPAN – By Benoît Felten

Ever since I got into photography a little over 10 years ago, I’ve been fascinated with textures and patterns. While they don’t represent anything per se (at least most of the time), there’s something that draws me into these near abstract shots, but I’ve never quite managed to express it in my photography. It remained a peripheral interest of mine as a consequence.

Cosmic 35

Cosmic 35 Review – and a multiple exposure project – By Dale Willetts

I have something of a fascination with with “Soviet” cameras. I have a couple of Feds, A couple of Lubitels, My Zorki 4k that I’ve written about here and way more Zenits than any one person really needs. So of course, when I was looking through my collection to find something to use for a little project I had in mind, and couldn’t find anything that quite fit the bill. I did what any self respecting G.A.S sufferer would do… I hit E-bay. An hour of happy browsing and a couple of more hours of research later and my wallet was once again a little lighter.

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