Aperture Zero 10. The Champ

As was often the case, the Pipes Man had spent most of the morning smoking and creeping around places he probably shouldn’t be. However, it was rare he would be so well rewarded.

Aperture Zero 08. Toad

The Pipes Man was fucking born to do it. The world’s forgotten boy; king of doing it. He just wasn’t doing it right now, and there wasn’t much to him aside. He was a flightless hawk. Or a toad that don’t hop.

Aperture Zero 07. Bug Eyes

‘That,’ the woman said. ‘Is absurd.’

She had looked alright from the back, with her braids and denim, but once she had turned around the Pipes Man immediately regretted approaching. Her face was cold and alien but worse still, he had clocked the red badge.

‘How can you get anything sharp with that thing?’ she asked.

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