Aperture Zero 08. Toad

The Pipes Man was fucking born to do it. The world’s forgotten boy; king of doing it. He just wasn’t doing it right now, and there wasn’t much to him aside. He was a flightless hawk. Or a toad that don’t hop.

Recently ‘it’ just hadn’t worked out for him and he didn’t have much appetite to disappoint himself further. A shiny upgrade might fix it… no. No. Ok then how?

‘Fuck it. Just turn something upside down, put it inside out… I’ll do it with my eyes closed,’ he thought.

The Pipes Man wittingly discredited himself with every slap of the shutter, each shot another wart upon his back.

Eventually, he stopped his self-flagellation to assess the damage. Actually, warts and all, might there be keepers here?


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19 thoughts on “Aperture Zero 08. Toad”

      1. Not ony. To me. these contributions are nonsensical, devoid of any interest, and the photos are nothing to write home about. It’s the kind of junk you often see in modern art museums where nobody dares to call it junk for fear of being accused of not understanding it. Well, in this case I don’t feel there’s anything to understand, learn, appreciate, or admire, and adding the F-word doesn’t make it better. Not up to the standards of this site’s usual contributions.

  1. Sort of reminded me of the new generation of comedians who all seem to think its cool to drop the “f” word
    In their routines. Does it make it any funnier?
    Having served in the RN I’m well accustomed to
    every swear word you can imagine .
    I like reading the posts on this site, but on this occasion I’m with Stephen
    Not in my email box

  2. I like reading 35mmc but for life of me I don’t understand what the Pipes Man posts are talking about. And there is no need for the swear words. Maybe he thinks this artistic or stylish to write this way but actually incomprehensible communication is a turn off for me.

    1. Very well put. I love this site and almost everything that has run here but I can’t wrap my head around any of these Pipes Man posts. Reminds me very strongly of a kid I knew way back in high school that indulged very heavily in LSD on a nearly constant basis and then wrote “poetry” and such and try to get everyone to read it and it was just shy of gibberish. These writings could almost be taken from his pages…I’m hesitant to post this because I feel like everyone has their own view of art and I’m sure some people love it, but the story just keeps rambling along and is kind of grating at this point.

      1. Many comic strips don’t have a point and are published daily. They are meant to be a light read that maybe you can relate to or not. A few of these “The Pipes Man” posts I have read and felt there were elements of my own experiences on a photography outing

        I really don’t think this is meant to be a story with an arc but rather vignettes of each photo series with a bitter and insecure narrator. Also, I am mostly playing a devil’s advocate here, but I have seen posts with far more swearing. My suggestion, ignore it like you might certain comic strips in your daily newspaper.

        1. Yeah you are correctly assuming I was looking for this to be one specific, cohesive story, released in parts. Taken as completely individual pieces, this fits better. Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

  3. What is the point of this series? The pictures are mediocre at best and the narrative pointless and frankly uninteresting. Does the writer believe that adding foul language helps, well, it doesn’t. There are superb articles in 35mmc, so why tarnish it with rubbish like this.

    And, yes, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this doesn’t do it for me at all and judging from other comments, I’m not alone!

    1. For sure, you aren’t alone, but there have been plenty of positive comments too. I for one enjoy them, and like the fact that they get both a positive and negative reaction. Life would be dull if we just liked everything.

  4. Can we all just remember that whilst these articles aren’t to everyone’s taste, they are still being put together by a human being who is reading these comments. Please comment as if you are face to face with this person, not hidden by the internet. Cheers.

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