Flash Gun

Godox Lux Senior with B/W negative film – by Phil Harrison

The photo above shows a Voigtlander Vito B with bulb flash, which was the kit I used in the 60’s for my interior photos and my current camera with what looks like a very similar bulb flash. However this is a very clever electronic flash that collapses neatly into its own body after folding up the reflector petals. The Lux Senior has both Manual and Auto settings, it does not have TTL. It is perfect for film cameras but is also safe on digital cameras. I’ve been using an old Cobra auto flashgun with a piece of white card as a reflector to get a soft light, which is a bit messy and slow to use, but gives a nice light. The Lux Senior doesn’t give as soft a light as the card reflector but its big reflector is not as harsh as most direct flashguns.

Godox Lux Senior and Lux Junior Flashes – In-depth Review and Comparison – by Sroyon

Back in July, we reported on the release of two new Godox flashes with a distinctive, retro look: the Godox Lux Senior and Lux Junior. Godox kindly sent us one of each to try out, and this article – based on a couple of months of extensive testing – is an in-depth review and comparison of the two flashes. (For a less detailed but possibly more fun take, check out my earlier article about my first impressions of the Lux Senior.)

You can see the full set of the camera, cable and flash.

How to use a Modern Flash Gun with a Leica M3, M2 and M1 – By Phong Nguyen

Photographers using Leica M film cameras often say that they do not need flash and prefer to shoot in ambient light. However, if you go through websites related to Leica, the subject of how to use a flash on a Leica M film camera often appears, particularly M3 and M2. The reason is very simple: the Leica M3 and M2 do not have a hot shoe and although they have flash sockets for both electronic and lamp flashes, these sockets are not international standard and therefore it’s more difficult to find the necessary original accessories for shooting it with flash.

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